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The hardest working companies
in exterior facilities maintenance.

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    Our Services

    From snow melting to landscaping to industrial sweeping, the companies of Outworx Group out work the competition in exterior facilities maintenance to help you meet your mission critical goals.

    Snow Removal

    Industry leaders with the largest national fleet of snow melters, fully experienced in all phases of snow removal operations.

    Snow removal services provided by

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    Superior service at the highest levels of workmanship to create a well-manicured landscape and appearance for your property.

    Landscaping Services provided by

    Aero Groundtek logoGold LandscapeLawn Butler LogoThe Shepards Landscaping logoTovar


    Maintaining the presentation of towns and communities with the Largest American Fleet of Street Sweepers.

    Sweeping services provided by


    Commercial, industrial, and municipal paving projects from installation to routine maintenance and repairs.

    Paving services provided by

    Catch Basin

    Efficient, effective service to maintain your catch basin and ensure its ability to properly function.

    Catch Basin services provided by

    Solid Waste

    Commercial, Industrial, and Residential solid waste services with a reputation for dependability and customer service focus.

    Solid Waste services provided by


    Providing seasonal and emergency equipment rentals for construction companies and municipalities.

    Leasing services provided by

    From snow melting and removal to landscaping to industrial sweeping.

    The companies of Outworx out work the competition to help you meet your mission critical goals. Utterly reliable and laser focused on the safety and appearance of your property, our teams help ensure your smooth operation and protect your brand image.

    The Last Word

    At Outworx Group, we are passionate about creating an inclusive workplace environment that promotes and values diversity. We realize the power of our people and value our differences.

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    We are the business-minded partner that is essential to our customers’ mission, not just their operation. We understand how critical our work is to the success of our customers, so we provide heroic service to maintain productivity, improve brand image and protect their reputation.


    To be the leading provider of commercial exterior solutions in North America by growing our network, exceeding customer expectations, investing in our team and driving value for our shareholders.



    We commit to keeping our customers, employees and communities safe, first and foremost.


    We work with passion and perseverance, doing whatever it takes to get the job done.


    We always strive to do the right thing, especially when no one is looking.


    We rethink, adapt and innovate to spark continuous improvement at every level of the business.


    We act like your “second family,” always there for each other, yet always understanding of your “first family” priorities.


    We are open, honest and positive when we speak – attentive and respectful when we listen.

    Our Brands

    Aero Snow

    Aero Snow

    American Sweeping

    American Sweeping



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    Gold Landscape



    Lawn Butler

    Lawn Butler

    Spartan Paving

    Spartan Paving

    Tech Leasing

    Tech Leasing

    The Shepherd’s Landscaping

    The Shepherd’s Landscaping



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